Friday, January 28, 2011

A story from Sri Lanka

Cab drivers are a source of intelligence. There used to be this wave of Russian taxi drivers in Nice (France) giving insight into tzarist Russia and the Revolution. In London, there are so many nationalities represented that the whole of the United Nations is on wheels.

Coming back from Heathrow last week, my cab driver was a woman from Sri Lanka, Tamil in origin, who has been living 30 years in London.

Here is one of her stories.

It was at the time when the Indian "peace keeping" force had been sent to the Tamil area. As soon as they landed, the looting and rapes started against the Tamil population, as reported by numerous independent sources, and my witness, the driver. In that small village, there lived a family with one of the children,a boy, with learning disabilities. As an Indian patrol arrived in that village, looking for a potential soldier-killer that could have taken refuge here. They requested all the villagers to line up outside their houses; the young boy refused to follow is mother's gentle and repeated injunctions to come out, how fearful he was of the whole situation, and panicked at the idea of seeing soldiers.
Our of compassion and care, she gave way to his demands.
They all lined up outside the house, the mother and father, and relatives, and the children. Can you see them in your mind? Terrorised, fearing for their lives.
And the troop searched the house and found the young boy hiding behind some furniture.
And they killed the villagers.

The mother survived and was rescued by nuns; I am not sure whether to call this fortunate or not: how can one survive after such trauma.

Rajiv Ghandi was killed 21 May 1991 by Dhanu (Thenmozhi "Gayatri" Rajaratnam). Dhanu had been raped by the "peace keeping" forces; this caused her young life to end as dishonnor fell upon her. In some way, given who she was where she was, she had no option other than trying to make up for it.

Karma does not wait until the next life.