Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taoists on board!

Do not panic!

Truly, English must be one of the languages spoken with the most diversity of accents. So probably is Mandarin. Imagine for a minute one mentioned (lightly) that taoists were embarking on a plane, this could sound just soooo close to 'terrorist'...

Sir? You have been randomly selected for a deep introspective search. Please follow me here...
Open your luggage (so does the Taoist)
Hmmm (the guard fumbles in the stuff)... he said to himself, "Nothing suspect or illegal here, which in itself is not normal!", then to the taoist, "Where are you going?"
"I am on my way", he replied.
"Very funny. How about this small bag?", said the guard, showing a flat-looking beige cotton bag, the size of a large wallet, "What's in it?". The taoist said "Nothing".
The guard put on his white gloves (not the latex ones), and carefully opened the bag to reveal... nothing.
He looked up, "Right. Well. No worries. Take your bag and go back in the line Sir".

Taoist for some, Freedom fighter for others.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Untitled 5 - Still in progress

One thing I realized, and it might be one of the numerous meanings attached to it, is that doors represent women in my psyche. It probably is more complex than this, but definitely one of the symbolisms. At other times, to put in in Freud's mouth (If I may say so...): "Some times, a cigar is just a cigar" :-)

Untitled 5 - In progress

I just started a new work. Here is a sneak peak: