Sunday, February 6, 2011

Untitled 5 - seeing the light soon

Throw-away me not, the inconsequence of a paper napkin

There are some items that do not seem to require much attention of our part in every day life. Objects that are by their construction rooted in impermanence. Our mind happily ignores them, until the time we realize that these passing items do cost us: plastic bags are a good example. 
In our throw-away age, we are throwing away our environment with us, bit by bit, weed by weed, bee by bee, like sawing the branch we are sitting on.

This morning, I was about to use a paper napkin, left-over from a birthday party.

This is how it looked:

I stopped in my urge to wipe my lips of (mostly) imaginary crumbs.
Once unfolded, the napkin revealed all of its colours, the arrangement of the flowers, the fact that someone designed it: bright joyous colours, wanting to make a nice composition, all for an item as fleeting as a paper napkin.
The feeling of it was nice: it ceased to be this industrial productionized output of some factory to become this then.

Of course, other questions arose: was this paper recycled, why did we buy it in the first place, what impact might this cause to Gaia. However, this napkin rose my mindfulness and created a sparkle of joy. Thank you whoever you may be!