Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's all in the details

Coming back from Bruxelles (Belgium).

Here is a picture of La foire d'Impruneta (The fair of Impruneta), by Jacques Callot, ca XVII century. The painting is in the Museum of Ancient Art (Musée d'Art Ancien).

This is quite a large format, with lots of details about every day life, maybe in my opinion with slightly less variety than a Brueghel would describe. However, the original etching offers a flurry of details and scenes.

For a 'picture' of over 400 years old, it has been very well kept, with brilliancy and details. Waldo the monkey (in the "find waldo games", or "find Wallyé depending on your country) would come hundreds of years later.

His dog though was already in the picture.

This does not make me feel that different from these people of that time :-)