Saturday, March 26, 2011

London Protests - some videos

Fantastic peaceful day. The sheer volume of people was impressive, all together against the horrific cuts this government want to impose on all but the richest and anonymous corporates.

There are alternatives, it has been too long we all paid for private sector blunders and lack of morality. There is no such thing as corporate responsibility, shareholders must be made accountable in front of the court of laws of all misdemeanors.

Let's continue the protests and actions until this world changes!




These boots are made for marching

I have some brand new shows for hiking. Actually, I have had them for quite a few weeks, waiting for the next opportunity to "break" them, and enjoy a day with friends and/or the children to walk British landscapes or the maybe the Alps.

The weather saw the temperatures rise to an acceptable spring level. So all is aligned for a great day out!

For I need to enjoy the hikes, I cannot do so knowing this government is going to cut so deep and far that my social landscape is going to be bare and deserted, abandoned of solidarity and equality, the wind of misery and loneliness and despair blowing on it!

Concrete it's going to be, lamppost my trees, white hall my hill and the Thames my river :-).

And never mind if my feet hurt: entire families and communities will be deprived if we do not act now. Join the hike!