Friday, May 6, 2011


roam if you want to
roam around the world
roam if you want to
without anything but the love we feel

- From 'Roam' by The B52's

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Fit for a King", mixed media - End the empire!

Here is a new collage:

From JMJ / The Dehiscence project

This collage shows the head-piece of an armor as a representative of the British Empire, and by extension any Empire, military and/or economic, en-caging the woman from Gauguin's Nevermore painting.

The sadness in the woman is now explained by the exploitation of her resources, environment and body. By extension too, this is the exploitation of Earth.

The Red and Black stripes echo the fascist and conservative tendencies to the monarchy in Britain, acquainted to the Capital and right-wing policies, a far cry in my opinion from what the people saw in the recent royal wedding. The Nazi uniform stayed in the closet this time (Prince Harry was photographed in 2005 wearing one for a party, faux-pas? Prince Philip's old friends...).
Not to mention the wedding guest list, where some of the guests belong more to Nuremberg than Westminster.

The DIVERSION is over: the cuts are here, and they will not benefit the people in need, to the point where welfare will go below the level known in the US!

RESISTANCE is never futile, and it is never left to OTHERS: have you done your bit?

More on Nevermore here.