Saturday, May 14, 2011

Digital Key - application to QRCodes

This is a quick presentation of my latest work (in progress!), based on the QRCode standard. I am exploring the relationship between digital encoding and human activities, and also relating the medieval copist work to modern representations.
The process itself will be described in more details on this blog as the meditative stated induced by the act of copying such structured/abstract pattern gave me some insights which I would like to share.

Oublier pour mieux faire / Give up technique

Durant une visite a l'Institut Courtauld a Londres, je suis tombe en arret devant ce portrait d'une jeune femme, realise par Gabriele Munter en 1909. J'ai particulierement aime l'utilisation des traits noirs pour delimiter les differentes zones du portrait, technique completement opposee aux enseignements des siecles precedents je pense! Dans la vie, il y a un moment ou il faut tout oublier pour transcender notre etre et reconnecter avec notre essence et Liberte, voila ce que je me suis dis.

From Portrait of a young woman, 1909, Gabriele Munter

During one visit at the Courtault institute, I admired that portrait and its simplicity. The usage of the black bold lines to separate the different zones of the painting, bold colors, all very likely contravening to the teachings of the past centuries in painting! After mastering some techniques, I realized it might be best for one to forget it all and to transcend one's being to reach one's true essence and freedom.