Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mindful exercise: QR Code!

The process of copying a not-so-simple QR Code by hand highlighted the absolute resolve of my mind to find meaning, extract it from its surroundings, invent it whenever necessary.

The message being hidden to the brain (unless you train yourself to decypher QR Codes... I am sure some one in the world can do this!), during the copy, the mind wandered from square to square, establishing connections, organizing the squares by the very act of drawing them into a kind of order.

It felt like the mind was trying to draw a map of a yet unknown country. Some squares formed islands, walls or a maze. The 'structures' with on square in the middle became landmarks, almost like an oasis in the desert.

When my drawing reached my enlightenment ray, the blue line you see on the video and on my paintings, it went into a complete disarray: the rhythm it had established suddenly broke down. This rhythm had settled has the mind was happy making connections, looking at the model, copying to the canvas, counting squares, identifying shapes etc. 

That was a painful moment: crossing the enlightenment ray to get to the 'other side' of the canvas and feel 'safe' to continue the copying, re-establishing this rhythm thereafter. 

One more experiment: I tried to draw the squares in sequence, from the top of one column down, then next column, etc. This was like 'ticking box': soul shattering experience, dried-up life, no reason to live anymore! I had become an anonymous copist, a cog in a production line. No wonder many people are depressed by their jobs, when all connection to the larger task and other, and meaning had been removed!

How to try it yourself:
- Print a QR Code. Find one that is relatively complex, that your mind cannot embrace at once in one glimpse.
- Get some squared paper, or use a ruler to draw the guide lines.
- Draw... in silence or with music, but be aware at each breath what you are doing... Make sure your working area is well lit to not strain your eyes too much!

A short video exploration of this: