Saturday, July 2, 2011

Apart gallery summer show (London)

As the fashion is these days, another pop-up store, in the shape of the Apart gallery summer show in Marlborough street (off Regent street, in London). In the same area, we have also the Outline editions, and earlier the Banksy shop, in Berwick street too.

I am not going to detail each and every work from there, only focus on the ones I liked. Overall, however, I was agreeably surprised by the quality of the works presented. Most of the pieces avoid the now-too-common pitfall of post pop-art in my opinion.

The first, right by the entrance, observing you, ready to talk you into 'Him', is the fantastically realistic-looking "Him for Sale" by Robert Gordon McHarg III FRSA (here is a pic from the Zoo Fair).This life-size portraiture of Saatchi actually reminded me a few years back at the Saatchi Gallery the work done by Duane Hanson, and also a chicken-headed character, including real chicken skin, unfortunately I forgot the name right now.

I then liked Joe Black's "Playing with Chucky" - used on the flyer of the gallery - entirely made of lego pieces.

The "Minnie Screen", a three-panel screen by James Holdsworth with a very cheeky Minnie painted, on a background of newspaper clippings, definitely caught my attention. The work was of superb quality.

Possibly my favorite for now, "Japanese Hope" by MadBunny: an installation of daisies and grass spring from the floor (the wooden floor was demolished there), on a background of rubles. Very touching.

Chris Campbell's "A406 Empire's End" too had a very gripping and grime feel to it, somehow it feels to me it is easier to believe in gloom than sunlight.

On a light note, so to speak, the amusing "Psycho House Crime Scene" by Liza Campbell. I think it is a very neat idea, and as I am a big fan of Gary Larson, there is something of his humour I found. Loved it.

Here is my short video on the visit in youTube: visit report.

The gallery have their preview here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

For a fistful of cherries

This weekend I met a producer of fruits in Provence. She has been in this business for well over 50 years; yes, as in independent ("profession liberale" in French), her status for retirement, unemployment etc is very weak compared to those of e.g. a  factory worker.

She produces a variety of crops, including cherries. This year, she is paid 0.98€ per kilo, the retailers will sell this same kilo about 4.50€. However, this price will not be sufficient to pay for the pickers. These cherries, and they are so nice this year!, will rot under the Sun from Provence.

Farmers must be paid a fair price, wherever in the world they work. They are the ones closest to Gaia, they will be instrumental for our long-term survival on this planet. Of course, the international government policies and global corporations need realignment to support us humans and Earth, not only for farming, but for all the wide range of plundering they are effecting right now.