Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This morning was very quiet on Oxford Street (London, UK). It usually is bustling with people, a mixed crowd of business suits, zipping couriers, shoppers and tourists. Today 8am, fresh air, eerily empty streets welcomed me. Somehow this threw me off into a relaxed state of mind, strolling the street, feeling free.

And that was when I saw 'it': Castaneda spoke about the cubic centimeter of chance/opportunity that hovers in any situation, to be seized by anyone who sees it. This morning, 'it' was everywhere I could see, nascent opportunities twirling in the air, the pot of gold at the bottom of a rainbow. Very strange and nice feeling: the freedom of seizing one's potential and veering to something new, the inspiration one could get from other people, the number of connections that could be made.

'It' was for every walk of life, for everyone. Such a peaceful feeling too: no need to rush or fight, only openness mattered and a certain contentment of being alive.

Here is a meditation that I think could help to foster that feeling:

  • - Walk at a slightly-slower-than your normal pace in the street, avoid busy streets.

  • - Take a few deep breaths as you walk. Whilst doing so, relax tension in your shoulders and arms, neck; relax any stressed part of your body as you walk. Be mindful of your steps.

  • - As you keep your mind on breathing slowly, imagine you are in a different role than the one you currently occupy, for instance be a photographer if you are a baker, become a house wife if you are a suit etc. or just be if it is what you prefer.

  • - Then aimlessly look around you (be careful though if crossing a street or of road works!). Keep breathing and check you are not creating tension in your body.

  • - Then, as you look around, think 'if I were...' that role you chose, '... this is what I could do now!' Let your mind free and wander, let it find the nascent ideas.

  • - Whenever you chose, take a couple of deep breaths and resume normal walking.

  • Please leave your feedback on this! Let me know whether that worked for you!

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Summer break

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    Monday, July 11, 2011

    ExplodingCinema - Screening of 'The Key to Forgiveness'

    Hello All,

    This was a fantastic evening!

    The event took place at "the Others" in Stoke Newington. Cool venue, with a nice ambient installation to give the mood. The audience was there, filling all of the space, for an exciting evening of short films, some of which were also part of the 'Disposable Film' selection.

    Lots of good stuff was shown, and I have enjoyed watching most of it I have to say. From a musical standpoint, I reckon 'Exit Machine' struck a chord with me (and with most of the audience too).

    Here is 'Key To Forgiveness' as it was screened:
    Key To Foregiveness on YouTube

    Exploding Cinema -  Many thanks to the whole team for this brilliant event!