FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this blue line I can see in many of your paintings?

All my paintings start with a blue background: it represents the Mind in its unadulterated state. It also means that it is always attainable, permeating through, similar to my preferred message of hope: "the sky is always blue, even if clouds are temporarily in front". 

The white gesso (a sort of layer for the actual paint) is the mind in its personable sense, it is one's mind, the substrate of thoughts, a volatile environment. It gives movement and orientation to the whole painting, using the brush stokes to indicate this.
In some of my paintings, there is a blue line slashing through: the Mind is showing in a burst of light. 

I called this
the Enlightenment Ray.

Q: Where can I see your stuff?
Any exhbition will be advertised in my blog, so subscribe to the email or follow to get the latest up to date information. I am explaining more about my approach to art and life (same things?!) online on YouTube.

Q: Some of your favourite quotes?
Well, only random stuff here. Inspiration can be found anywhere if we lend it an attentive ear or two...
  • ‎"The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude." - Bob Bitchin

  • « Que se passerait-il si l’on donnait à un peintre une toile vierge qui a elle seule vaudrait un million de dollars, une palette de 250 000 dollars, 300 000 dollars de pinceaux, une boîte de couleurs de 750 000 dollars et qu’on lui dise ensuite de faire ce qu’il désire selon son inspiration, mais sans perdre de vue que le tableau terminé doit rapporter 2 300 000 dollars ? » - Alfred Hictchcock
  • "L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur des pauvres." - Coluche