Alcove. Acrylique/Acrylic painting on canvas, 18cm x 24cm Présentation vidéo/Video presentation


Halfnight. Acrylique/Acrylics on canvas, 100cm x 50cm Commentaire du blog

Présentation vidéo/Video presentation

The Door (La porte). Acrylique/acrylics on canvas, swarovski crystals, 40cm x 50 cm I have reccurent claustrophobic dreams about doors and perceived narrow spaces. The black impasto part draws the relief of a dark forest surrounding the luminescent door.
Luna Shine. Acrylics on canvas, 50cm x 40 cm Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds!

Tragedy (Tragédie). Acrylics on canvas, 50cm x 40 cm A clash of worlds, a clash of meanings. The heat of the landscape flattens the perspective of the mind. Gestures become cataclysmic but do not find a large outlet to seep into the conscious. Mind-burn. Sold

Alaska on fire (L'Alaska en feu). Acrylics on canvas, 50cm x 40cm A murder most mysterious, no eye-witness as the scene is so far removed from our daily lives. If something horrible happened and there was no one to take notice, did it really happen? Sold
Dreamscape. Acrylics on canvas, 50 cm x 40 cm On the verge of consciousness, the anxieties of the night fade away, the emotions and flow of awareness' constant wax-and-wane resumes. Neither world is solid yet.
Bed-side lamp, approximately 16cm high by 14cm widest. Acrylic, metallic and glow paint. Enamel. Ouroboros is the cycle of day and night, sleep and wake, conscious and unconscious, life and reincarnation. The night star (circled by the snake) has a faint glow to remind us of enlightenment in the darkest times. Sold
Christina Hendricks thinking about Cheese.
Acrylic paint, paper on canvas board, 7"x5"
My comment / mon commentaire

Présentation vidéo / Video presentation 

No rest for the wicked.
Acrylic, swarovski crystal, plastic, on board.
Commentary / commentaire
Fit for a king (a.k.a caged woman).
Acrylic paint, paper on canvas board, 7"x5"
Commentaire/commentary on my blog

Vidéo / video @ YouTube 

Tragedy 2My commentary

Vidéo en français
English video

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